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A Media kit (also commonly known as a Press kit) is a pre-packaged set of promotional materials of a person or persons represented for promotional use. Kits are often distributed to announce the release of a new product or service or during a news conference at which announcements are being made.


The content of a media kit will vary, depending on the product or purpose of the kit. In determining the content, the needs of the client, that client's goals, and the intended media targeted should always be considered.

Common contents include[]

  • Recent news releases touting the individual, company or company's products
  • A company or personal backgrounder, relating the company's history
  • Biographies of company officials, or at least a company's officers
  • A CD or DVD containing a demonstration of the company's product and/or message you are seeking to convey, either as a movie or Powerpoint presentation
  • Photographs of the CEO, or of products, released for use by media in their reports

Modern media kits also contain CDs with MP3 audio clips or other playable media discussing or demonstrating the company's products and/or services.