Public Relations Wiki

This is a list of some books about public relations that are currently in print or readily available from online booksellers. Please feel free to add to the list, using the same format and providing the same information as in the books listed below.

  • PR!: A Social History of Spin. (Hardcover) by Stuart Ewen. 1998. Basic Books. ISBN: 0465061680.
  • The Father of Spin: Edward Bernays and the Birth of Public Relations. (Hardcover) by Larry Tye. 1998. Crown Publishing. ISBN: 0517704358.
  • Public Relations: The Necessary Art. by David A. Haberman, Harry A. Dolphin. 1988. Iowa State Press. ISBN: 081381457X.
  • A Passion for Winning: Fifty Years of Promoting Legendary People and Products. (Hardcover) by Aaron D. Cushman. 2003. Lighthouse Point Press. ISBN: 0963796615.
  • The Power of Corporate Communication : Crafting the Voice and Image of Your Business. (Hardcover) by Paul A Argenti, Janis Forman. 2002. McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 0071379495.
  • The Art of Public Relations: CEOs from Edelman, Ruder Finn, Burson Marsteller & More on the Secrets to Landing New Clients, Developing Breakthrough Campaigns.(Paperback) by "Inside the Minds", editor. 2003. Aspatore Books. ISBN: 1587620634.
  • Power Public Relations (Hardcover) by Leonard Saffir. 1999. McGraw-Hill Companies. ISBN: 0658000608.
  • Arthur W. Page: Publisher, Public Relations Pioneer, Patriot. (Hardcover) by Noel L. Griese. 2001. Anvil Publishing, Inc. ISBN: 0970497504.
  • Propaganda (Paperback) by Edward Bernays. 2004. Ig Publishing. ISBN: 0970312598.
  • Toxic Sludge is Good For You : Lies, Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry (Paperback)by John Stauber, Sheldon Rampton. 1995. Common Courage Press. ISBN: 1567510604.